1 Toast Master MidCon: The Preparation 1

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Toast Master Mid Year Convention: The Preparation 2

Island Drumbeats

Leaving the City of Bacolod, the home of most of Division D, we are hearing the dizzying drumbeats.

Mad. Fanatical. Outrageous.

It was the Eve of the Masskara Celebrations. The whole city was being torn into an incontrollable dance of trance. We could not allow ourselves to be tempted and be deceived. We have to stay strong. We have to stay committed.

Toastmasters leaving Bacolod Port

Toastmasters leaving Bacolod Port

The hope of competent communication of the Country lies on the hands of Read the full post »


1 Toast Master MidCon: The Preparation 2

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Toast Master Mid Year Convention: The Preparation 2

The Masskara City Lights

We just looked on as the whole city was in an uproar. “Would this ever stop?” I thought to myself as I packed my bags to board the ship, the one over a few hundred miles of sea water to the next island: Panay.

Iloilo Night Sky

Iloilo Night Sky

On Darkness of Night

We travelled on at midnight, keeping watch that none will find us and our Read the full post »

How hot is the MidCon?

Welcome to the District 75 Conference in Boracay. The Toastmaster MidCon in La Carmela de Boracay was sizzling. I might be wrong about the Toastmaster Mid Year Conference but let us listen to other people.

2 Toastmaster MidCon Committee 1

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Chapter 2

The Toastmaster MidCon Committee 1

Top Secret.

When we arrived at the scene, we carried our trucks of office devices from Printers to a Thousand Stocks of “cognitive artifacts”, 🙂 commonly known as paper and pen. We were overloaded But we have to accomplish our mission.

The agent on uniform approached us. Our Mid Con Chair intercepted them and told them, “These are my guys. They are here for a Top Secret Mission. I hope you can assist them.”


Me and my guys have to rush out into the rooms and Read the full post »

2 Toastmaster MidCon Committee 2

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Chapter 2

The Toastmaster MidCon Committee 2

The Disaster Relief Program

The Disaster Relief Program


“Our missiles are hot and ready for action.” said Ralph.

“Check the radar, I don’t want delegates approaching within a 100meter radius without our knowledge.” said the MIDCON Chair

“Relax, those delegates are arriving by tomorrow.” said Molly Read the full post »

3 Toastmaster MidCon: Arrivals at the Lobby

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Toast Master Mid Year Convention: Arrivals at the Lobby

They are Coming

We hang out a little to early today. Strolling along the beach while eating breakfast. A man full of sweat and barely catching breath. He was exhausted from the 20 meter dash from the other hotel’s building. “They are here!” he cried.”The delegates are here!”

“They shouldn’t be arriving till noon,” said a team member.

“We should be prepared at all times. Let’s give them all we’ve got.”

“That would mean we have to take a bath and perfume ourselves.”

MIDCON 2011 Arrivals

MIDCON 2011 Arrivals

We all rushed to positions, our assigned battle formation into the Lobby. The delegates kept arriving and kept asking for Toastmasters DisCon Discounts but we never compromised, except for a few that are hard to monitor. But we still managed to tag them and charge them.

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“That is what happens when you pay on site.” said a committee member. “The registration would really cost you.” But the delegates were all to happy just to be there. This was in fact, Boracay Island, the best beach in the World. (Excluding the Facilities, of course) Still the best beach in the World!

VIPs kept arriving, and we were alert to catch ourselves in the Pictures. This is what we were created for: Pictures!

4 Toastmaster MidCon Opening Ceremony

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Chapter 4

The Toastmaster Mid Year Convention Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony.

As the guests, VIPs, Dignitaries and delegates got settled down on their Tropical Rooms. They exchanged smiles and laughter at remembrance of old times relived again. The delegates were excited at the 3 Days of Sun, Sand and the last day Struggles for the Speech to Evaluate Contest.

The delegates of the MIDCon

The delegates of the MIDCon

Ceremony Begins

At exactly 2 pm. The delegates were hurried of to the Opening Ceremonies where Read the full post »

5 TM MidCon: The Marching Procession

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Chapter 5

TM MidCon: The Marching Processions


There is always something peculiar about marches. It is a simple event where people pass, but the significances of change and it’s implication to the World is extraordinary.

One thing can be said. March gives the feeling of Victory and Celebration.

The Processions.

I would like to take this time for other writers to help me out identify the Officers. This is where I could be deficient.
La Carmela de Boracay hall

District Governor Vic Navales during the Opening Ceremony

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Please email me ibantilan@yahoo.com or through my facebook account at the same email.

Please feel free to ask to be invited to author with us. We need your photos and your own perspective of the event.

6 TM MidCon Boracay Lunches

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TM MidCon Boracay Lunches


It is crucial for a civilized human being to demand sustenance. Without which the body breaks down and energy levels run low. They say only the people of the Stone Age run and hunt for their own food. It is the paradox of modern society that we only have to buy it.

Lunches in Boracay

Finding a great tasting sumptuous, tempting, fattening, delightful meal would be a cinch. Just look around and choose any one nice-looking food advertised on the Boracay Tourism Booklet and you would find great restaurants. Eat any way you please.

finding the right restaurants in boracay1

finding the right restaurants in boracay1

Betrayed by Taste

If you are Filipino, there is a catch. What they don’t tell you is that Read the full post »

7 MidCon: The TM Program Begins

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TM MidCon: The TM Program Begins

Messenger Arrives.

A lady in suit is panting and catching her breath. She seems harassed by the past nights of making a couple hundred IDs, Accounts, Meal stubs and give aways.

“The Program will begin in a minute.”



With this announcement, we scurriedly left the Lobby and walked flying to the Conference Hall of La Carmela in Boracay. “When you are a Toastmaster in the Philippines”, I said, “this is the Best place you have got to be.”

“Yeah, this is Action.” replied my Team mates.

Funky Dancing

After the introduction of the Toastmaster of the Day: Juliana Carbon of Sparkle Toastmaster Club, the crowd went wild. They felt the whole tower is going to collapse. She wore a headdress of a Masskara Festival Shaman. It was 26.4 feet high! The whole Convention Center was shocked. It was a very heavy headdress of over 4 Stories Tall.

“That is incredible. I can’t even carry my 15kg Dumbells at home. Is there a crane in the backstage?” asked a friend.

“Maybe. maybe!” I answered.

This program is getting surreal.